American International School of Abuja

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Nigeria is a country of great contrasts and great opportunities. Oil (black gold) has brought great wealth to many, but this stands alongside poverty and disease. Nigeria has so many developing markets and is fighting to produce so many everyday products within the country that there are huge opportunities in so many sectors. Expatriates workers are visible in many sectors of the Nigerian economy, but perhaps most obviously in sectors such as oil and gas, telecommunications, banking and finance, and basic infrastructure programmes. Starting a business can be difficult through problems such as water and electricity supply, communication networks, the cost of land and import / export difficulties. Much is made of security issues by the international media, but common sense and a reliable driver will ensure that the huge majority of disturbances can be avoided. Most international products and services are available, but it can take time to find them or to access them. The traffic on the roads has to be seen to be believed and a Lagos 'go slow' can be very frustrating making travel times excessive. There are plenty of schools to choose from and both UK and international programmes are available. Most of the best schools have their own websites, but you need to visit the school to get a real feel for the place. When you do chose a school, think carefully about location and travel times as these can be very important factors. Ask for advice from schools and your driver. Do not chose a distant school unless you want to consider the option of boarding. A levels are quite widely available, but you will probably want to look to the UK, US, Canada or South Africa for university. Also, be aware that many schools are still offering the (very) old GCE 'O' level programme which was replaced in the UK by the GCSE (equivalent to IGCSE) in the early 1980s. There is a good choice of housing available, but you will want to take local advice on security. Most companies employ drivers and compound guards. Do not be surprised by the state of your 'new' house as there is a general lack of maintenance and owners rely of the shortage of good properties to make sure that the renter will generally paint and redecorate the property. There are plenty of shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, local markets, a cinema, sports clubs, etc., but local knowledge is essential as things tend to be scattered around the islands and the mainland. Lagos is often frustrating, but never boring and the people are wonderfully warm. Remember that this is a third world country and if you can only live in a clean place where everything runs to time and everything works, you will never cope here! Sunday, 07 Sep 2008 Home Advertise Contact Us Site Map Testimonials Disclaimer Webmaster Expatriate Services Business Consulting Education Directory Expatriate Services Franchises Health Marketplace Online Dating Real Estate Retirement Summer Opportunities Travel Culture Wine and Vineyards Womens Health Sponsored Links Visitor Medical Insurance Expatriate Services Being an Expatriate: What does it mean? An expatriate: a person who has left their home country in order to reside temporarily in another. The list of reasons why these people choose to leave their homes and extended families is endless. The offer of a better job; lower cost of living; the opportunity to learn about and experience other cultures; a better climate; a booming property market; and a higher attainable standard of living are but a few of the factors influencing people to take jobs and/or retire overseas. "Expats" are typically, but not always, Westerners living in non-Western countries, and differ from immigrants in the sense that they are residing temporarily in the host country rather than committing to the adoption of the host country's culture. However, many expatriates either retire in the host country or choose to extend their employment contract if possible, so whether they are expats or immigrants is then subject to their own distinctions between the two. The term "immigrant" often brings to mind a person leaving their home country due to limited employment opportunities, poverty, government persecution and the desire to live a better life. Ironically, people in this situation who move to Europe or America are leaving their own country for remarkably similar reasons to the Europeans and Americans who are expatriated to Asia or the Middle East. An increasing number of both wealthy and middle-class citizens of Western countries are heading East, many disillusioned by high taxes, and what they see as mismanagement by their respective governments. The common consensus is that people are working harder than ever before, yet reaping few benefits. Taxes are rising, yet the standard of public services does not reflect this. Furthermore, recent events have triggered increased government regulations and su


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