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Based in Toronto, Influence Online Marketing began as an affiliate company. We designed and published our own websites to promote various products and services. It was through the experiences of our own affiliate and online marketing endeavors that we soon recognized the need for solid online marketing strategies. We realized that unless you can control the Internet and market yourself online, you are in big trouble. The fact of the matter is that anyone can design a website but marketing a website is far more difficult. So we became specialists in the field of online marketing. We studied up on and experimented with every online marketing strategy we could find. We took our own websites and used them essentially as test subjects. We wanted to make our websites the best they could be. Through all of this studying and testing and retesting, we found what strategies really worked and which ones were quick fixes that didn’t have the staying power we wanted. We took advise from experts, we brainstormed, and we compiled strategies that have proven themselves. We still have our affiliate websites that we still use as test subjects for new strategies. When you partner with Influence Online Marketing, we won’t experiment on your website, we offer strong, proven, tactics that will benefit your business. You will find that there are certain things that we simply will not do with your website because we wouldn’t want it done to ours. There are certain strategies that we won’t promote because they don’t benefit your website in the best possible way. We have first hand knowledge of how these strategies work, from both marketer’s and the strategist’s sides. What Sets Us Apart What sets us apart is that we are Search Engine Optimization Specialists who never lose site of your website’s main goal. We know you didn’t start your company or design your website to be ranked number one with Search Engines. You started your business to promote your product or beliefs. We know your business provides a product or service. We understand that your website is an extension of your business. Your website must promote your business and provide necessary information for your customers. Our top priority is making your website work better for your customers and the search engines. Ethical and Effective Search Engine Optimization Specialists A few years ago, you could have deceived the search engines to get your website indexed near the top of the results page. Some of our competitors still use those cons. The problem is those tricks only work in the short term. So at first, your website may have a good ranking. But those cheats cause big problems. And when your ranking starts to fall off or worse yet, your website is banned from search engine’s entirely, your SEO firm is long gone. You are left to start all over again. That will not happen with Influence Online Marketing. We do not use tricks or gimmick to cheat the system. We use proven strategies that work within the criteria of the search engines and ultimately within your company’s goals. The Internet is growing every minute. As more information is published online, it becomes increasingly difficult for your customers to find you. The problem of finding you is only going to get bigger as the Internet grows. You must have your website properly optimized for search engines. No tricks or gimmicks. If you optimize your website correctly, search engines will reward you. Your website will rank high on the results page. That’s what we do at Influence Online Marketing. We optimize your website with proven marketing strategies with measurable results.

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