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FEP Printing Corporation, Alliance Media Printing, Inc., & Lexmedia Digital Corporation A. Nature of Business Our business is newspaper printing and it demands that we: Satisfy Customers We serve our customers, the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), Asian Wall Street Journal (AWSJ) Philippine Edition and Cebu Daily News (CDN), by printing their newspaper. All aspects of our operation – coordination, scheduling, printing, delivery, accounting and billing – stay focused on these three clients. We have the unique advantage to stay very close to our customers. We can participate and respond to their needs much faster. In short, we are in a position where we can do no less than give our customers one hundred percent satisfaction. Looking further down, however, we have other customers: the readers and the advertisers who patronize our paper and on whom our business depends. As end users, they expect quality, value and reliability. They are the final judges of our product. Be Responsible For Our Product As is the custom of the trade PDI, ASWJ and CDN are responsible for making the pages, layout and electronic transmission to us for our imagesetter operators to output the negatives and have sufficient time for printing. PDI, AWSJ and CDN Circulation Departments determine the number of copies to be printed for every issue and their dispatch schedules of copies to be shipped in advance to the far-off provinces. Our responsibility is to print the newspaper to quality standard, bundle the copies to specifications and deliver the ordered quantity to our customer’s representatives at the plant in accordance with the priority set by their Circulation Department. Our customers design and develop the product to make every issue interesting, appealing and attractive to the public. Our Customers are responsible for value. It is our responsibility to have the newspapers printed to the highest standard our equipment and technology will allow and to have it done on time. We are responsible for quality and reliability. Must Sustain Non-Stop Operations The customer newspaper is published daily throughout the year except on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. We must operate 363 days in a year. The bulk of our operation must be performed in the evening to permit the latest news to be gathered and reported. To obtain the widest circulation, printing must be completed by 3:00 AM of the issue date. However, AWSJ preparation starts right after completing print order of PDI and must be completed before 8:00 AM. Must Cope With Variable Workload Every issue varies as to the number of sections and total number of pages. There may be as little as two sections in one day and as many as seven the next day depending on the ads placements received. Section "A", the main body, and Section "B", carrying the business and sports news, are the standard fare. These two sections must wait for the deadline. Perforce, transmission of images to FEP imagesetter for section B of PDI are received in the evening and are printed from 7:30 PM. Deadline for transmission of PDI main section is 10:00 PM (of the day before) and 3:00 AM (of the issue date) as a matter of routine. The supplementary "Lifestyle" sections do not carry any news. They feature fashion, entertainment, food and articles of human interest. Negatives are transmitted as early as six hours before printing time and these are the ones being printed during daytime. They are captioned Sections "C" to "G". Saturday issues include the "JUNIOR INQUIRER", a tabloid for children. Sunday supplements carry the "SUNDAY INQUIRER MAGAZINE" and the "JOB MARKET" classified ads. The magazine is printed one week before issue date to enable sea-freight shipments to the Visayas. We must attain flexibility to cope with the abrupt changes in the workload from day to day. An issue today may mean printing seven million pages and tomorrow the issue can skyrocket to 18 million pages. Men, machine and materials are geared for the next job so close follow-up of our customers’ Production Department is essential. We must know the signatures of the next issue at least 16 hours before printing time in order for us to plan. Capabilities and Limitations Better relationship with our customers will result if unwarranted complaints are avoided. The best way to do this is to make them fully understand our capabilities and limitations. These are: Signature limitations With FEP Tandem, each tandem has a total of fourteen printing units. Our maximum capabilities in printing a section are as follows: Full Color Front and Back Page plus centerspread 24 pages All pages in four colors, maximum16 pages Reproduction For best results in half-tone black-and-white and color reproduction, an 85-line screen should be used in the color separation flats. It suits best our process to produce clear and sharp images. Less than 85-lines the reproduction appears rough and grainy. More than 85-lines it loses tonal quality and appears "m

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