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Stafflink Management Solutions, Inc. (SMSI) is a Philippine Corporation engaged in a Local Manpower Services duly licensed by the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment with DO18-A Licensed Number NCR-PFO-7491-090214-071-N. SMSI is founded by an experienced group of professionals, with a diverse and wide ranging experience across all facets of Human Resource Management. The Company is an ambitious Search & Selection Consultancy Specialist Company that has quickly and successfully grown a reputation for quality of service and commitment to both candidates and clients. We provide tailor made services, from a single expert to support a short-term contract or a permanent vacancy, to a fully managed team of professionals for a specific project. We can source, recruit and deliver the specialist talent solution to meet your requirements The quality of our service is driven by the need to excel in what we do and to build high value, cost effective solutions for our clients. We do this by having consultants that are experts in their field and who have a full understanding of the business and cultural issues facing their clients. Today, SMSI is taking another big step towards professionalism in the field of training. Realizing the competition in the global market , SMSI has initiated training programs both in-house and in collaboration with the leading training centers in the Philippines for continuous upgrading of skills and increased productivity and improvement of individual’s customer service. Likewise, training complements our efforts to generate a sizeable database of qualified personnel to service the manpower requirements of our existing and prospective clients.

Employerof sectorHuman Resources, located inNational Capital Region
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