About Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation - Makers of Malagos Chocolates

Tree-to-Bar fine chocolates that value the dedication of farmers in the preparation of cocoa beans before they become chocolate.Our vision is for Davao to become one of the preferred sources of premium chocolates for the world.

We aim to maintain a reputation for ethical and sustainable farming, for production processes that adhere to strict quality standards, and for steadfastness in upholding excellence in everything that we do.

Our chocolates are made from Tree to Bar through the efforts of many people, especially the farmers. The entire process of planting, growing, fermentation, drying, sorting, roasting, and production of the chocolate is done right on our farm, giving our products a more distinctive and pronounced taste.

Join us in our journey as we help put Philippines on the chocolate map of the world.

Single-origin Davao, Philippines. Award winning. World class. Proudly Filipino.

Davao Region
From 51 to 200 workers