About Suncrest Foods Incorporated

The introduction of cake snacks and seeing its strong potential in the market has inspired the Management of REBISCO FOOD GROUP OF COMPANIES to venture into the cake snacks business. Thus, 1995 saw the birth of a new company under the name SUNCREST FOODS INCORPORATED.

The company boasts its guaranteed oven-fresh products, and uses only the finest baking ingredients which consist of creamy nutritious milk, high grade flour, farm fresh eggs and a recipe that assures total consumer satisfaction; it is the first and only cupcake brand in the market that guarantees freshness due to longer shelf life (4 months) and is the first cupcake brand packed in metalized foil packaging for that sealed-in freshness and high quality.

Now, SUNCREST FOODS INCORPORATED (SFI) remains to be the most dominant player in the cupcake industry. Its continuous innovation in introducing new cupcake concepts set the trend in the cupcake industry. The launch of FUDGEE BARR in 2002 and CHOCO TOPPS in 2008 have remarkably expanded the market of packaged cakes. Suncrest also carries Cupp Keyk, Mini Keyk, Cake Jam, Jam Bites, Fudgee Bites and its assorted offering – Baker’s Bunch. To further expand the market, Suncrest has introduced packaged breads – CROSSINI and PANDOLINO. More so, SUNCREST has also produced its newest line of baked product – Mrs. GOODMAN CHUNKEE COOKIES, a chewy premium baked cookie offered at a very affordable price – true to the company’s thrust of providing innovative and best-value products within reach of consumers.

Today, as the company continuously strives to achieve its target expansions, it has necessitated the hiring of additional competent, dynamic and highly motivated individuals to join our fast growing company.

From 201 to 500 workers