Our company was formed by industry professionals who over the years worked for or with different BPO, internet companies as well as corporations in the business sector in delivering topnotch solutions for their I.T. requirements.

Over the years we have transitioned from a brick and mortar store to an online presence. Our company, EXOTECH (1995-2010) or XOTECH BUSINESS SOLUTONS (2011- present), is today a one-stop online computer retail company that sells the tools that have become necessary in our ever growing digital world. Carrying a wide assortment of premium brands from servers to workstations from managed switches to U.P.S. and are glad to say that our numerous clients have taken advantage of our expertise to the full benefit of their products and services.

Servicing the personal, business and entertainment sectors of our nation for almost two decades now, we take pride in our work.

National Capital Region
From 1 to 10 workers